Gina, remember
  • Gina, remember

Gina, remember – epub

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Anne Givaudan

ISBN : 978-2-916621-42-3

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Journey through the heart of the World government

There is such a thing as a life like a book!
Gina is the living proof, but it's not an easy story.
"That deep and unpleasant feeling of being worthless persisted whatever I did… I didn't yet understand that nothing outside and no one could bring me on a platter what I refused to believe myself."
Gina was born that way, with a gift that was to lead her into turbulent waters, where love and hate went side by side, whether in the Vatican's secret services, in Afghanistan or New York.
She rubs shoulders with the most powerful, most perverse and sometimes the most exalted of human beings.
A life story, a Love story and, amazingly, a true one!

Author of twenty works translated into several languages, and specialist in "other worlds", Anne Givaudan acts like a photographic developer, revealing things for many of us. She puts into simple words what many of us perceive but hesitate to express out of fear or because we just don't know how to.
"All we do is remember". For a long time now, she has been awakening us to help build a different world by recognizing the Force and Light within us.

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