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Encounters with beings from nature – epub

14,99 €

Anne Givaudan

ISBN : 978-2-916621-62-3

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Where are the Sprites today? The Sylphs, Undines, Gnomes, Elves and Devas?
Were they just figments of poets’ imagination? Have they fallen into oblivion in our materialistic world which has no place for what is subtle?
Our world has gone through its process of densification, but shortly we shall be resurfacing in a more luminous universe, which is why small and not-so-small beings of nature are becoming increasingly visible. We need to cooperate with them if we are to make a better world where all realms will work together.
Specialist in journeys to subtle worlds, Anne Givaudan takes us on a surprising voyage to the heart of a reality which we are only just beginning to rediscover – the world of beings of Nature.
The messages they confide and which concern us all are helping reshape our planet and give new vision to those who inhabit it.
This book is illustrated by numerous drawings and photos of these beings from an increasingly tangible and visible world that is opening up before our eyes.

Video (english subtitles)

Daniela Muggia interviewes Anne Givaudan in 2011 about her book: Encounters with beings from nature (Editions SOIS).

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